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Why choose Teal Marketing Inc?


We specialize in face-to-face marketing/sales.


Direct marketing defined is the act of selling a product directly to a consumer. Rather than utilizing mass marketing methodologies, the clientele that chooses to partner with Teal Marketing Inc can have a more targeted marketing/sales experience called direct marketing.

By serving as liaisons between clients and their targeted consumer base, Teal Marketing Inc relieves the hardships most companies face when trying to gain new customers. New customers = growth, and growth = new opportunities. In offering clients professional, face-to-face representation that is more relatable and down-to-earth for customers, Teal Marketing Inc brings high customer satisfaction and retention to the table.


We generate new customers.


How do you know you’ve outsourced your marketing and sales to the right team? Your customer acquisition rates go through the roof! The by-product of sales done with great poise and passion is new customers – plain and simple. Seeing how ANY business needs new customers to grow, customer acquisition is the most valuable service that Teal Marketing Inc offers.  As most organizations do not specialize in marketing or sales, it is invaluable to be able to outsource the most crucial aspect of a business’s development to seasoned professionals.

Teal Marketing Inc acquires clients new customers by the hundreds, weekly, and accordingly increase their market share quarter after quarter. By using proven systems, setting high standards, and operating with clear intent, we are able to provide clients with customer acquisition services throughout Knoxville and beyond.


We work with world-renowned clientele.


Rather than viewing ourselves as a vendor to our clients, we work tirelessly to become a trusted partner – a resource they can depend on for our professionalism, prompt results, and productivity. As our clients continue to roll out their products and services across the country, we make sure to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

In order to differentiate ourselves from the competition, we offer a level of service that is unparalleled in the Knoxville area. We are patient, we learn their industry from the inside/out, we ALWAYS go the extra mile, and most importantly, we operate with the highest integrity here at Teal Marketing Inc.


We’re rapidly expanding.


We’ve said it since Day 1, but Knoxville is just the beginning for us. We’ll always remember and be grateful to our home, but we plan to stretch our reach from coast to coast over the next decade. Within 2 decades, we plan to be international.

The beauty of the partnership we have with our clients and all future clientele is that they want to grow, and we want to help them with it. The hardest aspects of a business are gaining new customers, and finding great, trustworthy talent, and Teal Marketing Inc does both of those…really, REALLY well. We personally develop future branch managers for our clients and provide them with adequate training, coaching, and mentorship.


We provide full training.


One of the greatest sources of pride we have is our company’s coveted Management Program. Unlike organizations that believe it requires 3-5 years experience in the workforce to be successful, we believe that with the proper training, mindset, and work ethic, anyone can be coached into an executive level position. Sure, it will take more work, hours, and sweat, but sometimes the will to succeed should mean more than tenure.

To those looking to get their foot in the door, Teal Marketing Inc provides entry level marketing & sales training that advances into more complex leadership and communication training. Within 12-18 months, all performing team members have the opportunity to learn about overseeing a team, administration, human resources, brand management, advertisement, small business finances, and more (on top of their marketing & sales responsibilities) – all in preparation for them to help our client expand outside of Knoxville.


We travel!


One of the benefits of working in such an outgoing industry is the opportunities we have to attend networking events all across the country. Seeing as how the clients we represent are national, they hold meetings, conferences, training, and rest & relaxation weekends all across the country. In the past year alone, we’ve had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, and Austin – just to name a few. Oh, did we mention we also get to travel internationally sometimes for work/play (we live such a hard life)?!

In short, we believe that the best way to help our team members grow is to allow them experiences outside of their comfort zones. As much opportunity as there is in Knoxville, there’s a whole big world out there. At Teal Marketing Inc, we plan to see it, takes notes along the way, and grow professionally from each interaction and event.